Coming from a divorced home, I didn’t have the greatest example of what marriage should look like or what to look for in a husband. But after several failed relationships and lots of heartaches, I knew exactly what I didn’t want. I had no idea what was in store for me, but I was hopeful.

I certainly had no clue God would send me someone who is more than the man of my dreams. Someone who has made reality better than my dreams.

I never expected to fall for someone overnight. I didn’t expect that my forever person would have two children already. I never imagined being a stepmom or that I would love those kids like they’re mine. Everything about it was and is so completely effortless and fell into place seamlessly. In my eyes, he is the perfect dad, and the love he has for his children is nothing short of inspiring.

I may not have known what to look for in a husband, but I know what to teach the little girls in my life. I want them to find someone who treats them the way their daddy treats me.

Someone who looks at you like you’re the only woman in the world. Who gives you butterflies every time you look at him.

Someone who makes an effort every single day. Who makes you and your happiness his top priority.

Someone who makes time for his children and sets the perfect example of what a dad should be.

Someone who is always there. Who is dependable.

Someone who motivates you and encourages you to follow your dreams.

Someone who you can talk to about anything, and who values communication.

Someone who, with one look, eliminates all your stress and anxiety.

Someone who understands you when you feel like no one else gets it. Whose actions match his words.

Someone who can work 60-hour weeks but still come home offering to help clean and do laundry. And never complain.

Someone who listens and is patient, humble, forgiving, and honest.

Someone who prays with you and for you.

Someone who does whatever it takes to put a smile on your face when the world is bringing you down.

Someone who will stop whatever he is doing to make his best attempt to braid your hair.

Someone who makes even the most boring, everyday routines fun. Who makes you feel like every day is a vacation.

Someone you connect with emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Someone who surprises you for no reason at all. Who brings you soup in bed when you aren’t feeling well.

Someone who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Someone you know you’d never want to live one day without. Someone who is not only your lover, but he’s your best friend, too.

Don’t settle with someone just because he’s handsome or rich, it’s not about that. It’s not about finding someone who will take care of you financially, because you can do that yourself. When you meet your forever person, you just know. You won’t question it or have second thoughts.

Most importantly, you’ve got an advantage many girls don’t—your dad. Look for someone who loves you the way your daddy loves me . . . and you. When you do find that person, treat him with kindness and never let him go. Because that kind of love is once in a lifetime.

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Lorin Hawks

I am always searching and frequently confused. I seek to find the good inside of every person I encounter. Endlessly in deep thought, collecting stories, and trying to figure people out. Step-mom to two beautiful girls, and mommy to one precious baby boy.