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Something no one talks about is how dang hard it is to be an introverted mom.

Introverts thrive on alone time.

We crave quiet.

Being around a lot of people drains us.

Busyness leaves us feeling overstimulated and overwhelmed.

We like to spend time in our own heads thinking and learning and planning and dreaming.

But when you have kids, so many of those needs just aren’t possible. In fact, literally all of the hallmark needs and struggles of introverts are the very opposite of what motherhood allows.

You’re hardly ever alone.

Someone is always, ALWAYS talking about . . . something.

Noise is constant and LOUD.

And you can’t hear yourself think long enough to recharge mentally.

The same feeling of being all people-d out that often comes after a social gathering or long conversation is the same feeling you have after a day of non-stop momming—only you can’t just leave the party when you need to regroup.

If you’re anything like me, at times you might find myself screaming inwardly (and unfortunately, outwardly at times), “CAN EVERYONE PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE FOR TWO SECONDS? CAN I PLEASE JUST HAVE A MOMENT WITHOUT HAVING TO LISTEN OR SPEAK TO ANYONE?”

It’s all just exhausting.

Being an introverted mom is really, really hard sometimes, and I know there are countless other mamas out there who feel the way I do. If that’s you, I just want you to know—you’re not alone.

I see how hard this is for you, because it’s hard for me, too. I know this role can feel like it clashes with your very nature.

I ALSO know you love and adore your babies more than absolutely anything in the world, because I do, too.

I want you to know you can do this. You can find those small moments to recharge your batteries. You can ask for help. You can grit your teeth and get through the tough times when you really just want to climb in bed or take a solo car ride to clear your mind.

You can do this, because you’re a mom. And believe me when I say . . .

There’s nothing stronger than a mother—introvert, or not.

Originally published on the author’s Facebook page

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Casey Huff

Casey is Creative Director for Her View From Home. She's mom to three amazing kiddos and wife to a great guy. It's her mission as a writer to shed light on the beauty and chaos of life through the lenses of motherhood, marriage, and mental health. To read more, go hang out with Casey at: Facebook: Casey Huff Instagram: @casey.e.huff

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