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A prayer for my strong-willed child:

I first need to pray for my patience as your parent. As the one who should keep her cool when you stare at me in defiance and stubborn demeanor. A mom who gets on your level and searches to understand your heart and need for independence.

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I pray you grow up strong in your beliefs. I pray we can model our lives in a way you are convicted when you see wrong and choose to do right.

I pray that although you have a strong will, your heart will never be hardened to those who need you.

I pray you use your stubborn and out-of-the-box way of thinking to truly change the world. I pray you can see you are revolutionary, and that I can keep that flame and confidence burning in you as you face adversity and those who want to stop you.

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I pray that you give me grace through these years of learning how to be your mommy and how to guide those wild flames in your heart instead of extinguishing them. Although most days, if I am honest, a broken will seems much easier to discipline. I pray I can work past my own needs and teach you the best way to steer your emotions.

I pray you love with all you have and still need me for some things as you grow older.

I pray you find Jesus and hang onto Him with the same conviction and abandon that you do with all other areas of your life.

I pray that you understand why I had to be tough on you and expect so much of you, dear son. You are capable of everything I am asking of you. So very capable.

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I know the road won’t always be easy or certain, so I pray you can always discern when to keep walking through the wilderness and when to take a detour home for a rest.

We love you so very much, my strong-willed child.

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Amanda Kennedy

Amanda Kennedy is a mom of three kids, ages five and under. She lives in Missouri, is a licensed Social Worker, but mainly only remembers which sippy cup is her kids' favorite anymore. She spends most of her days making food, changing diapers, and staying up way too late watching TV with her husband. Writing about the chaos of motherhood and the grace God gives her in each day helps keep her sanity.

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