My husband and have recently celebrated our sixth anniversary. Six whole years! Six years doesn’t sound very long, but it feels it…in a good way. Happy anniversary honey! 

I know six years is but a blip on life’s radar; but over the last 72-months we’ve had three kids, three moves, some big life changes and done a lot of growing up. We’ve learned more about ourselves, our marriage, our careers, and our goals.

My younger sister got married a few months ago, and as I see them begin their lives together and start making decisions about their future, they are embarking on one of the most exciting times in life. They are young and focused on building their careers and setting themselves up for a successful future. They have few responsibilities and the freedom to be spontaneous (like grabbing dinner on whim and even sitting at the bar)! You guys, can you even remember those days? What a wonderful, special time in marriage.

And yet, I feel, that each day it gets better.

Every year is better than the one before. And even though each year is very different and not easy by any stretch, it is somehow sweeter. Maybe it’s because we know ourselves and our spouses better and on a deeper level – but good stuff happens over the years! Through adversity and joyful moments, life shapes and molds us into better people, spouses and parents – if we let it.

We get better, marriage gets better.

Marriage is not all roses. It takes work, friendship, respect, and much, much more. I know my husband and I will have challenging times in our marriage. But we’ve learned that when you work at your marriage and love each other well, it gets better.

And that is one of the greatest surprises of saying “I do.” 

Lauren Kauffman

Lauren is a Texan, Missouri-grad, now turned Denverite. She is a mom to two little boys who make her tired. And happy, mostly happy. The phrase "bless your heart" and the word "y'all" are daily parts of her vocabulary. She writes over at Happy Haven Blog about her journey creating a happy home and family life. You can also follow her daily adventures at Happy Haven Blog's Facebook page: