I see you, dear one.

I see you, and I understand you.

I understand the feelings of being lonely.

I understand the feelings of feeling unseen.

I understand the feelings of not mattering.

And I also know the feelings of not believing when someone tells you, “you matter.”

You hear the words, but they don’t touch the ache you feel inside.

But I want to tell you anyway—you matter.

Oh, friend, how you matter.

I understand what it feels like to look to others to fill you up.

Desperately searching out others to give you worth.  

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Your husband, your parents, your friends . . . and I know what the disappointment can feel like when it doesn’t help.

You see, even if you hear from others that they see you, they love you, and you matter, it won’t make a difference unless you believe it for yourself.

There will come a point when you realize everything you have been searching for can only be found in Christ.

The feelings of not mattering, being unworthy and unseen, can only be filled by Him.

That void you have is there on purpose, it is there to lead you to your true love.

He is so lovingly waiting for you to come to this understanding.

Friend, take each and every piece of your brokenness and cry out to Him.

Surrender your pain at His feet.

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Ask Him to show you what it truly means to feel loved and seen.

It is then when He can step in and take your heart into His hands.

He sees all those broken fragments and looks upon them with compassion.

He knows why you have the pain you haveHe understands you in a way no one else could.

Oh, friend, you are never alone in your brokenness.

He has been right next to you the whole time.

Take hold of Him.

With whatever strength you have, cling on to Him.

He is waiting and willing to renew your mind.

He will destroy those lies of not mattering.

He will transform your thinking.

He will give you a brand new understanding of what true love is.

And as He transforms your mind, your heart will heal.

You will start to feel His love, and your heart will heal.

You will find your true worth, and your heart will heal.

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Slowly, He will transform you and restoration will begin.

And one day soon, you will notice that void is gone.

You will not have to look to others to give you your worth.

You will know you belong to the God of the universe, and that will be enough.

And you will feel seenseen in a way you never knew possible.

Keep clinging to Christ because it is only in Him that you can find your worth.

I see you sweet friend, but more importantly, God does and one day you will believe that.

And you will finally feel seen and loved and realize it was always Him you were searching for.

And you will be free.

Jennifer Toscano

I am a wife, mother to two beautiful daughters and a follower of Jesus. I recently started my blog as a way to document my journey in faith and to share God's great love with others. I also love to cook, read and do graphic design. You can find me on Facebook: facebook.com/aheartfullofhope and on my website: AHeartFullofHope.com writing about faith, hope and motherhood.