1. Pee-proof everything in the bathroom.
The shower walls, the bathtub, the floor, cabinets, shower curtains, everything, except, obviously the toilet. Because they won’t pee there.

2. Look the other way.
No, I’m serious. They will do ridiculously stupid stuff. All. The. Time. Just take a deep breath, turn around, and walk away.

3. You will see “it” all the time.
They will touch “it” all the time. They may even tell you how big “it” is, and have pee sword fights. Again. Deep breath, turn around, and walk away.

4. They will loudly ask you why your “chest things” are bigger than theirs in public.
More than once. Mentally prepare yourself to answer this. In public.

5. You will probably visit the ER at least once before they start school.
Boys play hard. And once again, they do stupid stuff.

6. You will be concerned about their leadership skills, and them giving into peer pressure.
You will be concerned about who their friends are, their work ethic, and what sort of things they learn when they are away from home.

7. Learn to close your eyes before you roll them.
Because I guarantee you, 1748 people will tell you “boys are easier than girls.” Just smile and bite your tongue.

8. I don’t care what people say. Boys have emotions.
And they can be sensitive. I worked in a junior high for a couple of years. Saw 8 boys cry. Care to guess how many girls I saw cry? Yup. Boys carry heavy loads, and sometimes they break down. It’s ok if they show they care.

9. Everything can be made into a contact sport.

10. Nothing will prepare you for how bad it hurts you to see them hurt.
When their hearts break, yours will break, too.

11. Active is their middle name.
There is no down time. Their energy source can not be depleted.

12. Bathroom humor is their favorite.
Get used to hearing about poop, and farts, and anything bathroom related. “Poop” was my fourth son’s first word, naturally.

13. You will learn that one of the best things you can do for your boys is to love their friends, to pray for their friends, and to get to know their friends.

14. They will eat, eat, and eat some more.
After school, expect them to want an afternoon snack, a pre-supper sandwich, supper, and also a bedtime bowl of cereal.

15. They will ruin their clothes.
Those new tennis shoes will be lucky to last three months and the jeans may last a week. Holy jeans and worn out shoes—totally OK!

16. You will pray every day that they are learning to respect.
To respect women, men, adults, children, animals.

17. Going on dates with your boys will become one of your favorite things to do.

18. The thought of one day letting him go, and watching him begin to love another woman is a hard one to grasp.
But you will realize that these moments, this love that you are pouring into him right now will impact who he becomes when all of this is his turn.

19. Before these boys of yours, you never knew how much love your heart could hold.
How those little smiles could take your breath away, how hearing “I love you” from a 10-year-old could make your heart feel like it will explode.

Raising boys is not for the faint of heart, and it may be a wild ride, but it is so, so worth it.

This article originally appeared on My House Full of Boys


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