I have been in the beauty industry for 10 years. I have been doing spray tans for about 7 or 8 of those years. 99.9% of my clients have been female. There seems to be one common thing that happens when someone makes an appointment with me. Almost every one of them is concerned how they look. I’ve done every shape and size. And I KNOW that getting naked or half naked in front of a stranger has to be one of the most uncomfortable, humbling, and almost paralyzing things to do. I’ve always told each of my clients that it’s OK, I have a terrible memory and I won’t remember what you look like 10 minutes after you leave. Heck, its true. I don’t remember most days what I had for lunch! 

But the thing that I can’t get over is why they feel the need to say anything. It breaks my heart that any woman feels like she has to “explain away” her poochy tummy, her thick thighs, her rolls. I’ve done a couple men over the years, and do you think they say to me, “Oh, excuse my beer gut?” Um, NO THEY DON’T! 

I’ve often thought that maybe she’s just trying to “make conversation” in a very awkward and uncomfortable situation. But a lot of times it comes up in conversation even before the appointment. And it makes me so sad. Who am I to judge anyone? Honestly, no one has that right. And why must we compare ourselves to others? Shouldn’t we compare ourselves on the qualities that lie within rather than what is visible on the outside? 

I get it. I work in an industry where I make money off of people’s vanity. But here is what I’m saying. Let’s embrace our bodies. Every woman on the face of the planet deserves to love herself. No matter what she looks like. Sure, there’s things I don’t particularly love about the way I look. But I try to focus on the things that I do like. And one thing that I have noticed over the years, confidence is attractive. 

I think it’s high time we all stop putting ourselves down. You are not your body. Your body is just a vessel to do the things you were put on earth to do. Think about it this way. If you go to the hard work of fixing some elaborate and extraordinary meal and your family comes home and says something negative about it and criticizes it, how does that make you feel? How do you think God feels when we do that to the marvelous, miraculous and wonderful creation He made?

“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works…” Psalms 139:14

I don’t pretend to be the most religious person on the block. I swear like a sailor and have been known to drink like one time or two. But I do want to be the best person I can be. And when I start to accept myself, fat rolls and all, I hope I can be an example of a confident woman, who loves herself and the wonderful creation God made. After all, when I eventually reach the pearly gates it’s going to be my character and actions He will judge, and not the body he put me in. ❤

Bridgette Ross

I was born and raised in the great state of Nebraska. I have 2 beautiful children. A daughter named Taylor, and a son named Brody. I have held many diverse jobs over my lifetime, including stay at home mom for 9 years. But I'm an entrepreneur at heart and received my degree from the university of Oprah. :) My passions are food, family, friends, fashion, faith & fun. oh yeah, & music. Not necessarily in that order! I always try to approach life with a sense of humor. I recently married the man of my dreams who sets my soul on fire and loving this wild ride called life.