Dear Meghan,

Congratulations! Your baby is here and I hope more than anything that you are tucked into the comfort of your bed, with sheets pulled up and pillows fluffed, and your precious newborn son resting skin-to-skin, on the warmth of your chest. I like to envision that is what you are doing at this very moment because frankly, you deserve that very scenario. Not because you are a Duchess, but because you just crossed the finish line. A glorious finish line into motherhood.

I am sure the last nine months have felt like the longest months of your life. They always do when you are anticipating the birth of your child, let alone the birth of your firstborn. The one that will make you a mom. Your body just experienced one of life’s most incredible feats—childbirth. I still am in awe in amazement that a woman’s body can grow life and then endure the most staggering pain of delivery, only moments later to settle in a blissful euphoria as she basks in the light of new life. 

I hope you take the time you need to enjoy these tender moments—hearing your baby cry out as he entered the world, the look on your husband’s face as you witness him surrender to love at first sight, the way your heart feels like it has swelled into your throat as you fight emotions of relief, excitement, hope, gratitude, and love.

My wish is you make yourself and your new baby a priority and shut the needy world out around you. The public and media are clawing for you to give them what they want, a glimpse of your child, your baby boy. Regardless of your title and your new life as a Royal, you still deserve the peace, privacy, and time that every new mom and baby craves.

I imagine you feel incredible pressure, but I hope you relish in the sweet new baby scent, quietly kiss each tiny toe, rock your precious little one in silence, and allow all the time you need to sit, stare, and smile at your son. For he is yours, not ours.
Even though you earned the title of Duchess of Sussex, today you earned a far greater one: Mom. And instantaneously, I am sure you have realized the importance, the magnitude, and the honor of this new title. 

It may just be your greatest blessing. Your life’s calling. The very title that at the end of the day holds the most weight as you lay your head to sleep. It does for me, at least.

So, today, let the world wait because you have had to wait long enough for this moment. Your world is right there, laying in your arms, and that is really all that truly matters.

Ashli Mazer

Hi I am Ashli. I am a first-time mommy, full-time marketing professional, part-time blogger and no-time sleeper. I like to think I manage it all but really life is just me managing the chaos while dancing backwards in high heels. You can read more at my Blog,