A man isn’t measured by the muscle in his arms.

He’s not proven by how fast he can change a tire, how well he drives a standard, or his ability to recite every professional baseball stat since the beginning of time.

His manliness isn’t defined by the way he uses his calloused hands to make a living, or his never-ending preference for steak and potatoes, or the thick beard that grows across his squared-off chin.

It’s none of these things that make him a man, though all of them may be true.

Instead, a man is measured by his heart.

By the way he rocks his babies gently and holds his wife near in her moments of weakness.

His greatness shines in how he is always putting their happiness above his own.

It’s shown in the way he doesn’t try to hide his tears and doesn’t hesitate to apologize when he’s wrong.

It’s in his compassion.
His loyalty.
His determination.
His selflessness.
His understanding.
His dependability.
His character.
His love.

All of the physical strength in the world doesn’t mean a thing if it’s not accompanied by strength of the heart.

Because a man isn’t measured by the muscle in his arms.

This post originally appeared on Bouncing Forward with Casey Huff


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