The waiting world need wait no more—the newest Royal Baby is here! 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, otherwise known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, welcomed their first child today, and it’s a boy!

The couple confirmed the birth on their Instagram account Monday, posting “It’s a boy!” 

The little one weighed in at 7lb, 3oz, and a beaming Prince Harry told reporters Monday of the delivery, “It was amazing, absolutely incredible. I’m so incredibly proud of my wife . . . I’m just over the moon!” 

The baby is officially seventh in line to the throne of England, behind father Harry, Uncle William, cousins George, Charlotte, and Louis, and grandfather Charles. 

He’s also not technically a prince; instead, the baby will assume one of the lesser titles Prince Harry was given by the Queen when he and Meghan married last year: the Earl of Dumbarton. 

And now, of course, we await the next phase of Royal Baby Watch: what will his name be? We can’t wait to find out

Congratulations to the brand new family of three! 

Carolyn Moore

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