The good ones. 

The ones who meet you where you are, even if that is in the middle of your kitchen floor diffusing a toddler tantrum.

The ones who know you haven’t slept in days, months, heck even years, and don’t bat an eye when you take another “rain check, please?”

The ones who require a solid dress code of sweats, a couch, and a bottle of wine for girls’ night, and understand 9:30 is late.

The ones who move away and draw even closer.

The ones who, while time passes, you pick up with where you left off, as if it was just yesterday.

The ones who consider it normal to get a nice view of the your ceiling, or the inside of your left nostril, during a FaceTime call when your toddler hijacks the phone 5 minutes in, but you keep on talking because you’ve both taken a rain check and this is the next best thing.

The ones who expect nothing in return, but know there’s no question you’d return the favor any day of the week, even if that’s a just bottle of ketchup to avoid a meltdown during a dinner time crisis.

Those are the keepers.

The understanders.

The tough love givers.

The laugh til you criers.

The no expectation needers.

Those are the good ones.

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Jamie Mohrman

I'm a new-ish mama. A lover of comedy, coffee, wine and popcorn! From writing letters to my grandparents as a kid, to starting a blog, writing to create joy or inspire others is a piece of my DNA.