“Mommy – What is Disney World?” It actually came out sounding more like Dibney Woold from my three year old but that was a phrase I was dreading. AJ (my son) doesn’t typically watch Mickey Mouse shows or similar types of programming because I know they are filled with ads designed to tell kids to ask their parents to take them to Disney. So he hasn’t been on the Disney train too much.

Until his best friend Chase went for his birthday.

“Mommy, can I go to Chase’s house?”

Without even a though I said, “No buddy, Chase is at Disney World for his birthday.” Ugh. Yuck. Can I rewind?

“What is Dibney Woold mommy?”

“It’s a place with rides and games and magical fun.”

“That sounds great mommy, can we go this afternoon?”

“No buddy, we won’t be able to go for a few years.”

The conversation went on like this for a few more minutes. I thought we were okay. Until about 2 hours later when he asked if he could go to Disney tomorrow.

Pretty much every day since he has asked if he can go to Disney tomorrow. “When you get older,” I say. “You aren’t tall enough for the rides,” I say. We have to wait for your sister to get bigger!” to which he responds, “can’t you get her a babysitter?”

I’ve worked with the fine folks at Disney several times with my job. The employees end every conference call with “have a magical day!” Literally, every call. So I’ve taken this approach with AJ. I told him that while we won’t be able to go to Disney for a few years we can have a magical day at home every day. It’s really about making memories. Whether we make them at home or at the greatest place on earth – we’re making them – one magical day at a time.


“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

The Boston Mom

Marissa Sweazy is a working mom of 2 children, AJ (3) and Rosie (1), living in Boston, MA and raising them one day at a time with her husband Austin. While her day job has her at a global communications firm helping large corporations with social and digital work, her free time revolves around as many family activities as possible. She blogs about life with children, being a working mom, health and fitness and just vents about all the things that bother women! Visit her blog at http://thebostonmom.com/