Does fear of failure loom large in your life?

I’ve noticed something fascinating about failure over the last couple years since I started speaking and writing.

I’m completely terrified a good bit of the time. Anyone who has started their own business knows that you learn to live with a certain element of fear. Owning your own business has it’s perks too, of course. It’s exciting! You work for yourself and you follow your passions. I truly love it and it’s given me a zest I never knew possible. But it’s also scary!

I have mentors I follow online, and I’ve come to realize each of these mentors is honest about failure.

Everyone experiences failure along the road to success.

Check these out:

Michael Hyatt, well known blogger, writer, and speaker about leadership, talks about how every downturn has a pivot point. In 1991 his business essentially went bankrupt, yet today he is incredibly successful. He took that event and learned from the experience.

Ruth Soukup of the incredibly popular budget-savvy website, Living Well Spending Less has shared the example that she started a membership site that eventually had to be scrapped, or times she felt incredibly inadequate to write a book (which has now gone on to be a New York Times bestseller).

Jeff Goins, the writer for writers, shares why we need to face our fears and never be afraid of failure. People who seem to “always succeed” truthfully have a whole string of failures that just don’t get as much attention.

YOU WILL FAIL sometimes. Embrace it! Expect it. Then when it happens, you’ll be ready.

What are you waiting to try, but you’ve been afraid to fail? Do you want to write a book or start a business? Perhaps you are ready to take up a new hobby or join a group. Have you thought of adopting a child or moving to a new city?

Surround yourself with people who consider failure part of the process, and learn from their example.

Does fear of failure hold you back? What would you do if you knew it was impossible to fail? Share in the comments below.

Sara Borgstede

Sara Borgstede is a triathlete, speaker, and writer. She has been maintaining a 100 lb weight loss for 10 years, and runs an online faith and fitness program for women, She is mom to 5 kids through birth and special needs adoption, and she and her husband Mike, who is a pastor, were foster parents to 35 children. Sara takes a lot of power naps. Find her at her website, The Holy Mess, at, and on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. (Links Below)