Dear Husband,

The day I married you I thought my heart would burst with joy in becoming your wife. You were so handsome, so cunning, and you looked at me with eyes I had only dreamed of. People always said that our wedding day would be the best day of our lives and on that day, I thought it to be true.

But my love for your doubled in the instant our family did.

The way you looked at your baby girls was even more beautiful than the way you looked at me. You became a protector, and caretaker and a provider in a blink. I always thought I wanted to be your one and only love, but when I saw you with our girls I knew that nothing would make me happier than to share the title with them.

When you pull in the drive, they wave and squeal at the window because seeing you is their favorite part of the day. You’re never too busy to step out of the tractor to wave, to sit and snuggle after lunch, or to give 100 kisses through the banister before bed time. You always have time to teach them a new animal sound or share your chips and salsa. You show them patience I didn’t know you had.

Your passion to provide a safe, warm, stable home for them brings tears to my eyes. You work hard and you never complain.

For a short time of their lives they will only have eyes for their daddy.

But I know for the rest of your life, you’ll only have eyes for us.

I can honestly say that the day I married you was a wonderful day, but every day that I get the privilege to witness you loving me and loving our girls is a day even more wonderful than that.

Your wife

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Rachel Granstra

Rachel Granstra, a Jesus follower, farm wife, and twin mama. She was born and raised in northwest Iowa and met the love of her life at age 18, and sealed the deal on her 20th birthday. After struggling with infertility for over 3 years, the good Lord blessed them with their two miracle babies. Her passion to serve the Lord by loving her family is the driving force behind Little House on the Feedlot. If she can just bring one family closer to the Lord and to each other, her mission is a success.