Dear husband,

Thank you. 

Thank you for letting me pick my plate first on leftover night. 

Thank you for giving me your jacket even after I said I wouldn’t need mine. 

Thank you for letting me put my cold feet on you at night. 

Thank you for making me laugh. 

Thank you for your willingness to help a stranger. 

Thank you for acknowledging your imperfections and for bearing with me through mine. 

Thank you for working hard. In every aspect of life. Your job, your marriage, your family. I know it’s work and you never quit. 

Thank you for being kind when I need all of the awkward, embarrassing help post-surgery.

Thank you for letting me shower first when we think the hot water might run out. 

Thank you for calling me beautiful four kids later. 

Thank you for kissing me every time we split ways.

Thank you for calling me just to say hi. 

Thank you for stepping up and being the leader of our family. 

Thank you for picking up the load I can’t carry. 

Thank you for not judging me as I eat an entire sleeve of Oreos while you sit next to me eating grapes. 

Thank you for supporting my dreams. 

Thank you for loving hard. You love our kids hard. You love me hard. And you love God hard.

Thank you for teaching our boys to be gentlemen through your actions. 

If I only had one wish, it would be that our boys would grow up to walk in your footprints. 

Thank you for being the kind of man whose footprints are worthy to be followed.

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Originally published on My House Full of Boys

Ashley Bufe

Ashley Bufe is a Jesus lovin' wife and momma of 4 energetic boys. She blogs at in hopes that she can uplift and inspire other mommas to let them know that they are special and chosen by God to be momma. And that they are doing a great job! Be sure to find her on Facebook and Instagram.