We are the mothers who fight. The mothers who carry the load of our kids’ health. We sense that something is off so we seek answers, and even when those answers are painful and scary, we keep fighting.

Many times we’re told little or given few options to hold out hope, but we don’t give up.

No matter how difficult, we keep going. If our options seem bleak we research night and day until we find new ones. We become experts on our kids’ conditions and surprise the medical team that treats them with our knowledge.

We put in the work with hours upon hours on the phone and online searching for anything that will help. Call after call we plead for someone to hear our cries and respond.

When the light of hope dwindles, we keep going.

We find every resource we can and use it to the full extent—therapy, classes, seminars. You name it and we are there.

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Doctors refer us to specialist after specialist and our children’s names are added to lengthy waiting lists. Somedays they’re lost in the shuffle, but we keep calling until they remember our kid’s name. It would be easy to get discouraged, and there are days, but we push on waiting for our next appointment, inching closer and closer to answers and help.

Sometimes we’re told options or a diagnosis that just doesn’t sit right.

Deep down, our instincts scream to be heard, so we challenge, advocate, and pushsurprising ourselves at our fiery tenacity.

With all of our might, we try to keep it together and stay strong, but it’s tough.

We cry in the bathroom and we clench back tears as we hold our children tight in the doctor’s office.

We must be brave, but bravery has its toll.

Other mothers only worry about the future, about college and careers, but we worry about tomorrow. Many of our nights are plagued by fear as we lie awake at night fearing the worst. Often we feel lonely, like nobody understands or can carry our heavy burdens with us.

Yet we press on.

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No matter how low we feel, we pick ourselves up and get back to work for our kids, pushing through each obstacle. We pay a high price, not just in dollars, but in time, yet we’d never hesitate to do everything we possibly can to help our kids. Some question our judgment, but we live by the mantra that “Mama knows best!”

And even though our voices may feel small, we keep on raising it until we are heard.

And it’s hard, but we will not give up, because love compels us to keep going. When we look at our children we know that they are worth every bit of the struggle.

So we keep fighting, not just so that they can live, but so they can thrive.

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