I will fight for you. 

Every hour. 

Every day. 

Every time. 

When you cannot speak, I will be your voice. 

When you cannot walk, I will carry you. 

When you are sick, I will care for you. 

When you are scared, I will keep you safe. 

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When you are in the dark, I will be your light. 

When you are tired, I will give you rest. 

When you are hungry, I will feed you. 

When your world is spinning out of control, I will be your calm. 

I will make mistakes. 

I will yell too much and too loudly. 

I will fail over and over again. 

I will curse. 

I will fall. 

I will forget. 

I will be too tired to see past my own needs to yours. 

Even though I stumble, I need you to know this: 

My battle is for you. 

My strength is for you.

My courage is for you.

My bravery is for you. 

My love is for you. 

I will face a thousand fiery hells for you. 

I will stand up for what is right and just for you. 

I will fall to my knees and pray for you. 

I will hurt for you. 

I will make change in this world for you. 

I will die for you. 

If these days come, I am here fighting for you. 

You may curse me. 

You may hate me. 

You may never understand why I did the things I did. 

You may think I am too harsh, too strict, too tough.

You may feel I am old-fashioned, stuck in my ways, or I just don’t get what it is like. 

You will leave me one day. 

And I will let you go. 

I do all of this because . . .

I carried you close to my heart while you formed into who you were meant to be.

I was granted the gift of you while I knew I didn’t deserve it.

I heard your heartbeat while mine grew bigger every day.

I thanked God for your laughter and smile while praying for your safety and growth.

I will fight and am fighting for you.

Not for you to win.

Not for you to have life handed to you.

Not for you to never experience heartache or struggles. 

Not for you to give up on yourself. 

Not for you to throw it all away.

Not for you to have clean hands and smooth skin. 


I will not do your fighting for you. 

I am not meant to do that. 

But, I will be next to you, holding your hand. 

I will be leading by example, showing you the way. 

I will own my mistakes, accepting the consequences so they are not yours to bear. 

I will give tough love, knowing it is the best in the end. 

I will never leave you, loving you as you deserve to be loved. 

I will never give up on you. 

You can count on me. 


I love you, my child. 

Katie Weber

A momma of 2 young boys whose days are filled with wrestling, running, and noise. A Nebraska native with a love of coffee, the Lord, music, a good romance novel, movies, and dessert. Just trying to figure out single motherhood, to navigate divorce and co-parenting, to live and thrive with depression and anxiety, all the while finding the lovely in this life. Follow along for more at Lovely in the Dark.