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When you’re an OCD momma, you might request an epidural for labor because you know the lack of pain will calm your brain and help you enjoy the experience.

When you’re an OCD momma, you might switch to bottles and formula early if the baby is fussy and seems hungry because you want to find joy in the first year and know they’re eating enough.

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When you’re an OCD momma, you might stock up on store-bought baby food because you want your child to eat lots of fruits and veggies, and you know how hectic the grown-up schedule can be.

When you’re an OCD momma, a clean and tidy home helps you breathe and enjoy your family more.

When you’re an OCD momma, you might find yourself at a crossroads that causes you to look back and regret all the things you had to give up or sacrifice in raising your babies for your disease. You may even tell yourself that an OCD momma is a bad momma. Some may even make you feel that way.

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But guess what? No matter how deep and awful the trauma was that made you an OCD momma, you can rest knowing that everything you did was because of how much you loved your child. Worry, fear, and guilt may not sound super pleasant, but they’re what is birthed out of a strong love and bond with another human being.

OCD momma, look at how healthy, smart, and attached your children are. OCD momma, carry on. Do what’s right for your family.

OCD momma, I know you spend lots of time in regret, and I wish I could take all the false guilt away. Your kids are going to be more than fine. I promise.

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Crystal Fulmer

I am a mother of three biological children and an adopted sibling set of three, a homeschooler, a pastor's wife, a former teacher, and a group-home houseparent. I am a trauma and mental illness survivor. I love to write for encouragement, and I've been finally been convinced to write and publish a book, The Grace of Getting Up, now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, and Westbow Press online bookstore. Please join me on this journey on FB or insta @thegraceofgettingup.

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