Target is my happy place. With a Starbucks in the store and dollar section that never disappoints, it’s my g0-to shopping location for just about everything—toilet paper, coffee, makeup, a new purse, school supplies, Halloween costumes, birthday gifts, wrapping paper…

And I’ll bet if you surveyed a group of moms, many would say that a Target shopping trip would be an ideal birthday celebration. But as it turns out, the love for the red dot carries down to the little ones in our lives too! Just ask three-year-old Charlie, who recently asked for a Target-themed birthday party. And boy did her mom deliver.

Charlie’s mom Emily Kern, of East Norriton, PA, tells Her View From Home that her daughter was born at 28 weeks and spent the first two months of her life in the NICU. Once she came home, Emily says she began going stir-crazy. (Girl, I know that feeling.) So she’d take a trip to Target a couple times a week with baby Charlie in tow. And the bulls-eye bond was born.

Emily shares with HVFH that months before her August birthday, she began asking little Charlie what type of party she wanted to have. Trolls? Princesses? Paw Patrol? Nope. A Target birthday party was her request. Over and over. No matter how many times Emily asked, the answer was always the same. So Mom got to brainstorming.

The obvious first stop in the planning process was Pinterest. (What did moms DO before Pinterest?!) and there, Emily found invitations. Next came food. “For the cafe part we had all the foods you find in Target—hot dogs Pizza Hut and popcorn! For dessert I made her cake and made chocolate covered pretzels and Oreos,” Emily tells Her View From Home.

And she didn’t stop there. She also made the front of her house look like Target with balloon letters and Target symbols and covered every nook and cranny in red and white. And what Target is complete without a Dollar Spot? As shard in a Scary Mommy article, “For party favors, we did a ‘Dollar Spot.” And Emily goes on to say, “I had a toy bin with bulk items and our local Target was so nice to give us check out bags and stickers for the kids. So [the kids] grabbed them and went ‘shopping.'” Amazing. I want a Dollar Spot at my house!

Emily says Charlie’s reaction was priceless. Wearing a bright red dress (of course), Mom says that “Charlie was so excited to see it all together and just kept saying Yay, Target!” 

Good work, Mom!

After sharing a few pictures on Facebook, Charlie’s beloved Target got wind of the story and responded that “they loved the three-year-old’s #targetstyle,” Emily tells HVFH. (And a toddler just met my life goal.) Kudos to this mom for bringing her little girl’s dream to life. I might ask if she can plan my birthday party next. 

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Just wanted to share my 3 year old daughters LOVEEEE for Target! Wanted a Target birthday party so a Target birthday party we had!!

Posted by Emily Kern on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Karen Johnson

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