My darling girl,

You’re still so small, but you are already such an inspiring tiny soul. I adore that you have no filter, and I love that you have no fear. No one is evil, dangerous, or unkind. No one is undeserving of your kindness or all the love your little toddler heart can give. And there is nothing you cannot do.

Your confidence radiates—sometimes like the sun, and other times like the starlight you so love to watch come twinkling out. It shows when you sing to all your favorite songs, winking at me through your dance moves. It shows as you beg the little elderly woman in line behind us to play patty cake with you, never realizing some people may choose not to play. It shows in your defiance, glinting in your eyes with an impish grin. It shows as your little feet stomp, stomp, stomp down hallways seeking out people you want to be your new, beloved friend. It shows when you let go of my hand for just a little while to show me you can “do it self, Mommy.”

And that confidence will lead you to let go of my hand little by little until you rarely need to hold it again. At that point, you may realize that sometimes the world is not very kind. Sometimes there are evil people that should be put in eternal time outs. Sometimes the world will make you doubt your strength, your intelligence, or your value. Sometimes the world will make you feel incredibly helpless in the face of unimaginable cruelty and your confidence will dim. In these moments, when your innocence leaves you little by little, my heart will break for you and I will wish I could have saved you from these lingering lessons.

But then, little one, something amazing will begin to happen. You will relearn that precious secret your toddler self already knew; your fire will be rekindled in the knowledge that the world is not evil, dangerous, or unkind—only a very small few. That you should have no filter, and only a little bit of fear. That everyone is deserving of your beautiful kindness, and that there really is nothing you cannot do with equal parts determination and sacrifice.

So lean in close, because I have a secret to share with you. Your fire may feel dimmed, but it has not gone out. There are those that will help to fan it back into a roaring bonfire. And you, my still so small and darling girl, became the fan I never even knew I needed. Thank you.


Your Mama

Katie Parton

Katie is a bookish mama from the States striving to raise her baby bookworm into a thriving butterfly along with the help of her handsome husband. In her free time, she reads and reviews books over at her blog at