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Get the cupcakes for the party at school; what date are they celebrating?

Grab a gift for the Christmas exchange with friends; was it a gag gift?

Address Christmas cards; do I have stamps?

Remember to hide the Elf; what did I do last year?

Return the shoes; what size did I need again?

Plan the Christmas Eve dinner menu; did my sister say she is vegan now?

Find the other gold hoop earrings for tomorrow night’s Christmas party; is my dress clean?

Confirm with the sitter and order the pizza; do I have cash?

Order new garlands; was it one strand or two out?

On a regular day, moms have a million things running through their heads. When their feet hit the floor, the list-checking, task-slaying, and people-pleasing starts. Every day is mental gymnastics, leaving us exhausted, overwhelmed, and worn down.

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Then the calendar turns to December, ushering in additional responsibilities, obligations, and things to accomplish. Did the calendar also bring in more hours in the day? No, unfortunately not. 

This added Christmas stress can often leave us saying “bah humbug” instead of “joy to the world!”

If you feel more like a grinch than a cheerful elf this year, know you aren’t alone.

I want to enjoy decorating the Christmas cookies without thinking about the hours I will spend scraping up the icing off the floor. 

My heart earns to linger over a hot cup of chocolate with my girls, snuggled up watching Christmas movies all day, but laundry and dinner still need attending.

I envision perfectly personalized presents for my friends and family members, but there’s just not enough time, so yes, Amazon, here I come. 

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I feel the deep desire to embrace everything this season, but I wrestle with trying to do it all, maintain my stress, calm my nerves, and keep my cool— but there are days when the Grinch just comes out, and that’s okay.

If you can relate, I encourage us to approach the season differently. I can’t assure you that the green guy won’t try to make an appearance, but perhaps by simplifying, choosing to let some things go, and remembering this is only for a few weeks, but the memories last for a lifetime, you can have more cheer this Christmas. 

You don’t have to do all the things.

Pick a few traditions dear to you and your family, and spend the rest of the holiday relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

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Every gift doesn’t have to have picture-perfect wrapping; grab a gift bag and some tissue paper, and embrace the gift of online shopping.

We have to feed our families, and laundry is necessary, but let go of cleaning the baseboards or tackling big projects in the next few weeks. They will wait for you, promise.

I know, Momma, it’s hard to find rest and enjoy this season, especially when we focus on making it magical and memorable for our loved ones. Perhaps the best gift you give this holiday is a grinch-free mom. Merry Christmas! 

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Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey is a wife and mom of three young girls. You can find her drinking cold coffee, playing barbies, and trying to figure out a way for the laundry to fold itself. She writes with honesty and humor on her blog, www.LauraRBailey.com

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