My sons carry their own hockey bags. The dads usually give nods of approval as they pass, and the moms looks of sympathy. I’m told by my husband it builds character, so I don’t object. I’m still a newbie when it comes to my hockey mom status, but each game, I learn something new. 

I think it’s safe to say we hockey moms have grit.

We send our babies off onto a sheet of ice with blades sharp as knives on their feet. We bring blankets to games because we never know if there will be heat in the stands. We also never know if a fight is going to take place. We remind our players to check their bags before we leave because to play hockey you must have all. the. things. Thank you, Lord, they have no desire to goal tend. 

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They require mouth guards, socks, knee pads, elbow pads, skates, gloves, body armor, neck guards, helmets, and more. It is at these moments, I hope some more character is being built because I can hardly remember all the things. Oh yeah, don’t forget the sticks! 

I didn’t grow up watching hockey, but my husband has been passionate about it since he was a kid. He still plays hockey, and when we dated, I went to many of his games but must admit most of the time I was talking to the other hockey girlfriends and wives and not actually watching him play. Sorry, honey. 

But now it’s different.

Both my boys are on the ice. Both of them are passionate about the game.

I may finally need to read the copy of Hockey for Dummies I purchased as a joke when pregnant with my first. The book is collecting dust on a shelf somewhere, and this hockey mom is about to get educated. Or at least learn what causes a penalty. 

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I promise I will understand what offsides means one day. I’m sorry to my friend who tried to teach me over a decade ago with salt shakers and straws over sangria and tacos.

I am now willing to learn all these hockey things because I’m a hockey mom, and I can do hard things. Because my boys get out on the ice and do hard things.

I even missed the rink during the summer, and this is what made me realize this hockey mom is in it for the long haul. Hockey season is here, and I’m all for it. 

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