We got dressed up. I wore a dress and red heels. You wore a bow tie and your dad’s cologne. I told you how nice it was to dress up from time to time.

I got a corsage that I showed you how to put on my wrist. I told you how special it made me feel wearing it. I pinned a boutonniere on your shirt, and with a smile on your face, you told me you felt special, too.

I had you open my car door while I opened yours and then I watched you buckle yourself up on your booster seat. I told you it was nice to do acts of kindness for others.

We drove to a nice restaurant where I helped you open the door and I asked you to hold it open for me. When we got to our table, I asked you to pull out my chair before I helped you climb up into yours. I told you how much I liked it when you were helpful.

I helped you pick out your meal and then I showed you how to tell our waiter our order reminding you that we always say please and thank you. I taught you that paper napkins stay on the table and cloth napkins are kept over your lap. “Manners are important,” I remarked.

We laughed, and talked, and smiled at each other throughout our meal, enjoying each other’s company on this special day. We talked about how excited we were to go to a dance just for boys and their moms. I told you how much I liked spending time with you.

I paid for our meal and we made our exit just like we had made our entrance, pulling out chairs and holding doors open. I smiled as you did all these things without me reminding you.

When we arrived at the dance, I watched the DJ’s light show shining in your eyes and I saw a huge smile appear on your face as you took in the music. It made me so happy. I made sure to tell you just how happy I was to be there with you.

We posed for pictures before we made our way to the dance floor. Now, that was fun! You showed me your best moves and I showed you a few moves of my own. I hope you always find joy in dancing like you did that day. I hope so many things for you.

I hope that you grow up to be someone who is kind and helpful, someone who will make sure chivalry is always alive and well. I hope you grow up knowing how to thrive in social situations. That you know when it’s time to be demure and when it’s OK to let loose. I hope you grow up to be someone who is sure of himself and confident, so you will never have the need to conform to others but instead, can always lead with your heart.

These hopes and dreams I have for you make me think of who you’ll become and what part I will play in your future. One day I might be helping pin your boutonniere onto your prom tuxedo, or be pinning your boutonniere on for your wedding day. One day I might be dancing with you in front of your wedding guests for our mother and son dance. In those moments I will think back to this day when you and I had our first dance. What a beautiful memory I have to hold on to as you grow up.

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Georgina Butler

Georgina is a mom of three boys, wife to a super hot policeman, and a fan of her pit bull and bulldog. She has a corporate day job, likes to run, and finds fulfillment in writing and being involved with a non-profit she helped incorporate. You can follow Georgina on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @ginabigb