One day you see two pink lines on a pregnancy test and freak out. 

One day you are crying because your jeans no longer fit and you are going to have to make the switch to maternity clothes. 

One day you aren’t so much walking as you are waddling. 

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One day you feel that first contraction and tell your husband “IT’S TIME” through a fearful grin on your face.

One day you find out you’re stronger than you ever thought you were as you deliver a new life into the world.

And then one day they send you home to figure it all out on your own.

One day they are sleeping next to you and eating every two hours.

And then one day . . . they are crawling around discovering the world and don’t need you to hold them every second anymore.

One day, they sprout a tooth, and then another and another.

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One day they are nursing less often.

One day, they don’t need you to nurse them when they get hungry anymore, they want Whole Foods.

One day they aren’t napping on your chest anymore, they are napping in their crib by themselves.

And then one day, they aren’t sleeping next to you at all.

One day they are just a face on a monitor at your bedside as you both sleep separately, and your heart aches for the baby who needed you so much at one time. 

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But for today, I will watch you grow and rejoice in your milestones because one day that is all I will have as you face your own one days.

Angelica Andreu

North Carolina mountain livin’ with my sweet baby boy and wonderful husband. Lover of coffee, Jesus, and writing. I hope my pieces bring your heart some joy! Follow along with me on Facebook @ Living Abundantly ❤️