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When you carried two gallons of milk on our way out the door at Aldi, I smiled. You insisted to take them from my hands.

You’re growing out of your shoes and shirts, and my prayer has always been that you’ll reach your full potential as a young boy growing into a young man. 

You’ve always had a drive inside you that is seen big on the soccer field, and I pray you’ll always desire to work hard and serve strong wherever you are.

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I pray you’ll work hard in your classroom even when it’s challenging and you’re tired on Friday.

I pray you’ll serve your classmates when they have a need or your teacher needs help as she instructs and guides your learning.

I pray you’ll work hard in your sports and activities because you honor God when you use your body to glorify His name. 

I pray you’ll speak up when something isn’t right or someone is being treated unfairly. 

When friends disappoint you or say careless words, I pray you will stand strong and assume the best in them. I pray you’ll be quick to forgive and move on.

I’ll do my best to help you constructively channel your passions and dreams. I’ll provide opportunities in our home and neighborhood for you to be a blessing to people. I’ll help you learn the meaning of discipline and perseverance. I’ll teach you the joy found in being selfless.

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader simply because you are my son.

Soon enough, you’ll realize not everyone values hard work and serving others but you aren’t called to be like everyone else. God has made you unique and different. Not everyone will shine their light or live up to their name, but my prayer is that you will 10 times over. 

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Your big brown eyes, dented dimples, and free spirit are an inspiration to me and those who know you. You go big with everything you do and you know exactly what you want. I love it when I hear the words, “Watch Mom!” 

You are God’s gift to our family and the world. When life gets tiring and you feel weary, don’t ever lose heart or hope. You were created for big things. You were created to rock the boat.

I love you,

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Samantha Krieger

Samantha Krieger is wife to Jeremiah and mama to 2 boys & 2 girls- 14 and under. She loves iced coffee, TJ Maxx, and quiet time. She's the author of Quiet Time: A 30-day Devotional Retreat for Moms in the Trenches. Her work has been featured on the Today Show online, Love What Matters, and Cafe Mom. She writes from Florida’s gulf coast and enjoys connecting with readers on her personal blogFacebook and Instagram.

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