Dear son,

I am your mother.

I am your vessel until you enter this world.

I am your nurturer.

I am your voice when you haven’t quite found yours.

I am your shoulder to cry on in the middle of the night when the monsters under the bed won’t go away.

I am your makeshift nurse with a bandaid for every scraped knee and ointment for every bug bite.

I am whatever your imagination wants me to be–a knight defending the fortress, a race car driver racing to the finish line, a Broadway singer singing show tunes.

I am your tutor and will help you with every math problem (or try to) and every science fair project.

I am your guardian and will shoulder the first time you’re made fun of or don’t quite feel like you belong.

I am your protector and I am your biggest fan.

I am everchanging in this role called mother, becoming less in the forefront as you become older and grow in independence, but please remember I am always there.

I am your guide on the tough issues, weathering the storms with you and building a foundation that always centers you back to who you are in Him.

I am your silent prayer warrior, praying to God in the background always, asking for His sovereignty over your life.

I am your confidant when you meet the girl in the hallways of your dorm and you’re not quite sure how to ask her out, not knowing eventually, this girl will become your wife.

I am your on-call babysitter when you need a break from the sleepless nights when I get to hold my precious grandchild and be reminded of what it was like to hold you the same way years ago but what seems like yesterday.

I am your mother in every moment, in every stage, and there is nothing in this world I have cherished more.

I will always be your mother.

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Heather Newmyer

Heather Newmyer is a former City Planner who focused on sustainable development. She now stays at home with her son Lucas and works from home part-time as an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher. She is married to her husband, Brandon where they currently live in their hometown in beautiful Virginia. She is an animal lover and loves her rescue hound dog Copper. She enjoys music, singing and playing piano, being outdoors, hiking, and Mexican food. She loves God, her family and friends and is thankful for this adventure called motherhood.