I pray you remember the best of me.

I pray you remember me fixing your hair just how you wanted it on your first day of school and not that I was exasperated when you tried on every outfit you own the night before.

I pray you remember I was at every softball game and gymnastics practice and not that we were always five minutes late with mismatched socks.

I pray you remember I worked hard and I did it for you, not the weekends we couldn’t leave town because mommy was on call.

I pray you remember the times I told you that you were beautiful instead of all the times I told you to clean your room.

I pray when you are grown with children of your own and you think back on the years you spent as my little girl, you will remember me happy. I pray you will remember me laughing and playing. I pray the mommy who fusses over messy toy rooms and mountains of laundry never enters your precious mind.

I pray you remember the best of me.

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Kara Fleming

I am a wife to my high school sweetheart and mama to 3 beautiful girls. I spend my days as a registered nurse , my evenings soaking up family time and sometimes before I go to bed I like to write about Jesus.