Written By:  Michelle @ Making our Dream

My husband and I live off coffee. Come on, we have two kids under two. That glorious nectar of the gods is the only thing that makes us functioning adults most days. So, we built a shrine to our addiction in our kitchen.


This project was so simple and affordable! I’m excited to share it with you today.

Simply find an area of your kitchen that doesn’t look so hot. 

Exhibit A:


We had a board that collected a little bit of everything. Admit it, you’ve got that spot too. We took it down and put up some simple shelves made from one piece of reclaimed barn wood, cut in half.




Then, we found some simple brackets and mounted them in the space above our coffee and espresso machines. (Yes, we are so addicted we need two forms of hot caffeinated beverages available to us at all times.)


Then, I got to shop! Yippee! New shelves mean a new display area, amen? So, I found some fun & colorful mugs (Target, $4.99), a fun bowl to hide the coffee filters and some antique mason jars for the beans – and voila! Coffee Central.






A simple and fun project that not only improves the look of our kitchen, but helps make one of our most needed items readily available.


What do you think? How could you make coffee more accessible and conversational in your home?


Michelle Fortin

Michelle Fortin and her husband, Jason blog about their DIY home improvement adventures on their site, Making Our Dream. That’s where you’ll also hear more about her life as a part-time SAHM to Kenton (born 5/2011) and baby #2 – due to arrive in October 2012. In addition to being a wife and mom, Michelle also teaches broadcast journalism at Arizona State University, is actively involved in her local MOPS group, dabbles in photography, and is a self-confessed social media addict. Currently, she lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, where she and Jason bought their first home in 2009. It was a foreclosure that’s needed quite a bit of work! If Michelle looks familiar, that may be because you remember her as Michelle Frey – when she anchored the weekend newscasts on NTV a few years ago. She also taught a few classes at UNK. The years she spent in central Nebraska produced some of the best memories and dearest friends a girl could ask for – which is why she’s thrilled to be a part of the Her View From Home team.