I remember being so excited. I stood in the homeschool section of my local Christian bookstore with my toddler in his stroller. Taking in all the resources available and feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I knew he wouldn’t start school for a few years. I also knew our path was clear. A helpful homeschool mom in the same section was so kind, answering my endless questions. God bless her!

Years later, the desire to begin our homeschooling journey burned even hotter in my heart. My son was fiveit was time to get started. 

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Whenever anybody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I’d always answer, “A mother and a teacher.” Certainly, now I have the best of both worlds. I was excited to share the news of our choice with family and friends.

“Are you serious? Your son will be an outcast,” was one friend’s reply. It took my breath away. I’ve always been one to go off the beaten path. I suppose those who know me best thought, “There she goes again.” And likely thought I’d quit in just a few years. But, our decision to homeschool was solidified in our hearts.

Our journey began, and just like any other adventure, there were good days and bad days. But every day, I knew we were on the path set before us by God. The blessing of watching my son learn to read and write brought such joy to my life. And more recently, struggling with algebra so much that just one lesson took two hours coupled with tears and frustration. No homeschooling journey is perfect. And that’s okay.

Over the years we have made many wonderful like-minded, homeschooling friends. And, trust me, “socialization” isn’t actually an issue. When we completed his elementary years, friends and family were curious as to whether or not we would continue through high school. The answer was a resounding yes.

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I’ve seen a meme that said, “Of course I’m homeschooling through high school. Why would I let anybody else reap the benefits of all my years of planting?” I love that quote.

I am so grateful for all the gifts homeschooling has given me. The best of which is the time I had with my son during his growing-up years. I’d like to think we have a really special relationship because of it. 

Now, I’m walking with him into his senior year. I definitely have All. The. Feels. And I regret nothing. I’ll forever be thankful for this gift of homeschooling. What a beautiful life!

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I'm Erin Dodson. Wife to my fantastically hard-working husband and homeschool mother to four energetic boys. I enjoy writing and baking and can often be seen with my coffee cup in hand. A lover of everything autumn, cozy days are my favorite!

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