I’ve recently changed careers. I was so used to working a regular 8-5 job over the last 13+ years. Sure, there were some late nights, plenty of obstacles, and a multitude of frustrations, but this career change has been life-changing, to say the least. We’ve all worked with difficult people before. I should be used to this, but this new boss I have has been nothing short of tyrannical. 

Before I’ve even had my morning coffee I’m at his beck and call. You never know when he’s going to need something, and I have to be ready at all times.

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He’s always whining about somethingit seems like nothing makes him happy.

I put up with a lot of crap from this guy. It really stinks.

I’ve never worked with someone as demanding as him.

I mean, a simple please and thank you would go a long way, but I don’t think those words are even in his vocabulary.

I should say something, but when I took the job, he didn’t even offer any sick or vacation time. That’s got to be illegal, right?

Sometimes he can be embarrassing in public. In those moments, I try to pretend I’m not associated with him because I can’t stand the looks from people.

He has very poor communication skills. If he would just tell me what he wants things would be so much easier.

He doesn’t always act this way with my coworker. They seem to enjoy each other and get along great. My coworker doesn’t always understand why things can be so strained between me and the boss.

My boss does not like to hear the word no.

He rarely compromises and only wants things done a certain way.

I have to put in a lot of long hours for this guy. The pay is nonexistent, and I don’t get a lot of respect from my peers for taking this new role.

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There are some great perks to the new job though.

My boss is an avid reader and I’ve really enjoyed his book recommendations.

He sees the value in working in nature so we spend a lot of time outdoors. 

He’s really cute, and I find myself staring at him often throughout the day. 

He doesn’t require a strict dress code so I often just wear T-shirts and leggings.

He’s really into self-improvement and challenges himself to reach new goals.

His perspective on the world is so different, and it’s really made me change my mind about what’s really important in life.

I think in time I’ll see the value in this new career, and my new boss will appreciate my efforts. Change is hard, especially when it comes to careers and what we value most in life. I’m learning that my worth isn’t tied to any career or title. This new gig might not be forever, but I’m going to try my best and make the most of it. 

I’d better get back to work. The boss is waking up. 

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Tiffany Meints

I'm your average, small-town mom from the Midwest. I became a first-time mom at 33 and am currently working part-time in finance, trying to enjoy more time with my little guy. I enjoy finance, serving others, fitness, baking, and spending time with family.

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