Hello and welcome to my first ever post! My name is Jennie Nollette and I am excited to be writing about my adventures in Gardening.  I am no expert…far from it, but I do enjoy my time digging in the dirt.  I will talk about my successes, failures and even our attempt at the Kearney Farmers Market.

If you read my bio you know that I am originally from Omaha, so my husband was actually the one who introduced me to gardening.  I instantly fell in love. To have fresh produce right outside your backdoor is just genius.

Growing up my neighbor friend and I would hang out pretty much everyday during the summer months, terrorizing the neighborhood on our bikes. Her mom would always plant  grape tomato plants in their backyard.  The first time I tasted them I was hooked.  I had never eaten anything so delicious and never knew how easy it would have been to do myself…until I met my husband Brent! 

In the past 4 years that my husband and I have had a garden I have learned tons!!!  Normally our garden is nothing special, actually most years it turns into a weedy eye sore. But this year that will NOT happen!

Remind me of this in mid July when I have weeds taller than me that look like they could devour a small child.

This year we wanted to at least start off our garden on the right foot with a little landscaping.

Wide view of our garden.  See it down there behind the trees all nicely tilled by my wonderful husband!  He did all this while I was on vacation.  I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried.

I searched for landscaping ideas in magazines, the web and of course
Pinterest (that gets its own category).  I found lots of amazing ideas that would be great to do, but let’s be honest.  I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of dollars to spend on landscaping.

So whats a girl to do?  Time to put on my thrifty thinking cap!  🙂

While my husband Brent and I were outside making a plan for a garden
we got a great idea. We have tons of logs from a couple trees we had to cut down last year.  We assumed it would be used for firewood, but since we have no fireplace there’s really no point.

Instead, we decided to use this as a border around the garden. Brent’s original idea was to just line them up, then I thought why not add another element and put a big stump in-between!

Brent was a little skeptical at first and thought I was crazy!  But when we got to going it started to look really good!  It gave it a fun rustic feel and didn’t cost us a dime!

Log piled up to even out the small hill around our garden. This is the future site of our herb garden.  Oh yum!  I can already taste the fresh herbs in yummy spaghetti sauce and salsa.  That’s another post for another day!

How many of you planted your potatoes on Good Friday?? Anyone?  I was
on vacation but my husband (who, unfortunately I left at home) had the day off and did it for me.  He would always tell me how his Grandma, no matter the weather ~ snow, rain or shine, plants  her potatoes on Good Friday.  Now THAT is dedication. 

She also sprinkles holy water on each corner of her garden.  Not sure if that is something that will make or break how much your garden produces, but it can’t hurt and of course will keep the vampires or the werewolves – or whatever it is that hates holy water – OUT! How does that legend go?  Not really sure.  I knew I should have gone to see those Twilight movies! 

All I do know is that it will NOT keep out the rabbits and many many bugs.

 Until next time Happy Gardening!

**Do you have any gardening tips or suggestions to landscape?  We would love to hear what you do!

Jennie Nollette

I am an Omaha native now living in the beautiful town of Valentine, Nebraska. If you haven’t visited you must! It is a gorgeous town that boosts its natural beauty. I am also a wife and mother of two beautiful little girls, living the daily struggle of balancing all life has to offer. My greatest joy is getting to spend time with my family, whether it's cooking, dancing or traveling, we do our best to take it all in and enjoy every moment.