Written By:  Crystal Calloway

Melody and I (and Leslie and Jen) met while working in a newsroom in Nebraska. Interviewing people is so much a part of what we do professionally, that after attending the inaugural ball, it was only natural that we started firing questions at each other – asking about our memories from the evening. The following is our Q and A session, part of which was written at 3 a.m. over cookies, chips and salsa. Please don’t judge.

Crystal: How did you feel about going to the ball?

Melody: Complete denial. Really? Is it really happening to me that I get to go to THE Presidential inaugural ball? Once it set in, I felt complete and utter excitement and fascination. Truth be told, I was a Romney supporter. Regardless, I couldn’t wait to see and support our current president because I have a lot of love and respect for the POTUS, no matter who it is.

Melody: Was the ball what you expected?

C: Yes and no. I knew it would be standing room only, but I had no idea it would be like a big concert. Such awesome artists! And long lines.

Crystal:  Who was your favorite performer?

M:  By far, John Legend. While everyone was great, he brought a certain je ne sais quoi.

C:  True true, and you have to give Stevie Wonder credit for his endurance. Even in his sixties he can outperform a lot of the young artists these days.

Melody:  What was the most unexpected moment?

C: Definitely the young lady next to us who passed out from dehydration or sudden seizures or something. It snapped us out of our dream world quickly, but thankfully in a crowd of presidential invitees, plenty of doctors were in attendance and came to the rescue.

M:  I thought the coat room line-cutting incident was pretty unexpected. Hundreds of people were in front of us to get their coats. Feet were hurting; tempers were short and the line was ridiculously long. When a guy resiliently cut in line, the little young lady in front of him erupted. Pretty soon a few more people chimed in to scold the guy but he stood his ground. I thought a brawl was going to break out, in black tie no less, but it didn’t go beyond a scolding. (Truth be told: We may have taken liberties with getting in line several times ourselves).

Crystal: What is the key to having a good time at the ball?

M: Being in the moment; realizing that this moment is bigger than your feet hurting or the fact that you’re thirsty.

C:  Let it be known, your flat shoes were in the car and you decided last minute against bringing them. Plus, drinks were available, but who wants to lose a coveted spot toward the front of the crowd? Not worth it!

Melody: What was the highlight of your evening?

C:  Seeing the Obamas and the Bidens dance. I know it’s just part of the ceremonial fanfare, but the president and VP have a lot of personality and their wives are brilliant, beautiful women.

M: I agree. It was such a magnanimous moment that I was just grateful to be there with one of my best lifelong friends.

C:  I can’t wait to do it again!

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Crystal Calloway

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