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“Have a good day!” I called after my oldest daughter as she scurried into school.

Ten minutes later, I walked my preschooler to her door and helped her hang up her jacket and backpack. “Remember I’m picking you up a little early today so we can go see the dentist,” I reminded. “OK, Mommy!” She bounded off to the jungle gym with a fellow pigtailed friend.

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose as I walked back to the van. The headache that had been nagging me for two days thumped behind my eyes. In our early morning scramble of breakfast and backpacks and spelling words and shoes, I’d forgotten to take something for the ache, and I was paying for it.

Nothing to be done about it now, I sighed; we had just enough time to get across town in time for my son’s 9 a.m. dental appointment, then to take him to school, pick up my preschooler, and make it back to the dental office by 11 a.m. for her appointment.

There’s not usually much time left in the hustle of motherhood to take care of myself.

Bryan Health understands that challenge, and has created a powerful online tool Nebraska moms can use to carve out a little care for themselves—without having to rearrange their busy schedules.

Bryan Health ezVisit is like going to the doctor, anytime, day or night—without actually going to the doctor. All it takes is filling out a simple online questionnaire detailing your symptoms—and you’re guaranteed to hear back from a board-certified Nebraska doctor within an hour.

That means busy moms like me can skip the trip to the clinic with my crew in tow—but still have a doctor review my symptoms and help get me on the path back to health. I can do it from my phone, my computer, even the kids’ tablet (if I can snag it). In less than 10 minutes and for just $39, my case will be in the hands of a trusted, board-certified doctor who will send me a treatment plan—maybe even call in a prescription if it’s needed—and I can do it all from the comfort of my own couch.

Bryan Health ezVisit is tailor made to take care of those minor health issues that can so easily wear us down—the ones we often just live with when we could be feeling better faster. How many times have I walked around with a sinus infection that could have been cleared up if only I’d found the time for a visit to the doctor? And when one of my kids comes down with Pink Eye or a suspicious cough at 3 a.m.? I can do a quick ezVisit for them, too. It’s like being able to text a trusted friend—one who just happens to be an amazing doctor—whenever I need speedy, sound medical advice.

And for a mom like me, that helps ensure even the busiest of days stay healthy and happy.

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