Rumors have floated around for years, but now it’s finally true: A FRIENDS SPECIAL IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING! (Yes, I’m yelling in excitement.)

HBO Max, the upcoming streaming service from HBO, posted the announcement on social media Friday afternoon:

While it’s not a reboot or full Friends episode, the original cast will be together for a one-time, unscripted episode when HBO Max launches in May. The streaming service will also have all 10 seasons of the show available on its platform. 

Jennifer Anniston, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer all posted on social media “It’s happening!” and we can’t wait to see our favorite group of pals hanging out once again.

But just what is it about Friends that has us jumping to watch more (because I think we can all agree that 10 seasons were not nearly enough)?

Whether they were just hanging out or taking trips across the ocean, the sitcom covered just about every situation while making us laugh along the way. I mean, it’s relatable and funny—what’s not to love?

I don’t know about you, but I think we’ve all learned a lot from Friends

In honor of this announcement, let’s take a look at a few things Friends has taught us: 

  • New vocabulary. Moo point—it’s like a cow’s opinion. Doesn’t matter. 
  • When moving furniture up a flight of stairs, you must first draw a diagram then make sure to PIVOT!
  • If you’re lost in an unfamiliar city, you need to get inside the map. 
  • Don’t leave teeth whitening strips on for longer than the directions indicate. 
  • Banana hammock is more than just a funny word. 
  • When you need a pick-up line, go with a proven one: How you doin’?
  • If you find yourself in a dispute over a spot on the couch, handle the situation with maturity—time to put on every piece of clothing they own. 
  • Condoms are not 100%, and they do put that on the box. 
  • When someone makes you angry, there’s a “parent-friendly” way to flip people off.  
  • How to play Bamboozled. 
  • Don’t count Mississippily when getting a spray tan. 
  • A chick and a duck can’t go to the theater. 
  • Say your fiancé’s name during your wedding vows. 
  • Always carry a fork for floor cheesecake opportunities. 
  • When you’re selling a piece of furniture to a stranger, don’t get inside of it. 
  • Beef doesn’t go in a trifle. It will taste like feet. 
  • Shark porn isn’t a thing. 
  • Refrigerators don’t last as long as people. 
  • Make sure your airplane has a phalange. 
  • If someone is willing to drink the fat for you, they’re your lobster. 
  • It’s not OK, it is a big deal, and it doesn’t happen to everyone. 

Then, of course, there’s the biggest lesson of all—and if you only take one lesson away from Friends, let it be this: when arguing with your significant other, be very, very clear on what it means when you say you’re taking a break.

So grab your Peanut Butter Fingers and oversized coffee mugs, dust off the orange couch, and clear your calendar for May, when we finally get to see everyone together again. 

Stephanie Freybler

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