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The internet got a real “treat” this week, courtesy of a Valentine’s Day drawing by a young artist from Wisconsin that has since gone viral.

Here’s the backstory: seven-year-old Henley Czinner decided to draw her parents a special picture in honor of the holiday that’s centered around love.

So sweet, right? The drawing features a cheerful-looking woman walking a bright yellow dog surrounded by red hearts—a perfectly innocent valentine, at first glance.

“To Mom and Dad,” it reads, “Happy Valintines Day.” (Let’s give her some credit, it’s a tough one to spell!) “Love you soooooooo much.”

No detail is overlooked—from plentiful green grass to a shining sun, to a stoplight and a water bowl that appears full of water. The adorable dog is holding a frisbee in its mouth (possibly also wearing a party hat?) and tethered to a leash held by the woman, who has long brown hair, a blue shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, and neon yellow shorts.

This is where things get a little . . . umm . . . hard . . . to decipher.

Henley’s mom, Melissa Czinner, told the first thing she noticed was a very unique feature about the dog walker’s outfit.

“I noticed it right away and was thinking the worst,” Czinner said, regarding the unique shape that appeared to be protruding from the woman’s shorts.

“She told us that it was just a dog treat in the girl’s pocket,” Czinner said.

Because of course that’s what it is! OBVIOUSLY.

Czinner posted a video of the drawing on TikTok, captioning it simply, “Just a dog treat in a pocket.”

Almost immediately, the video got a huge rise out of people on the internet, who were quick to chime in with their own hilarious commentary:

“That’s a bone alright,” said one user.

Another added, “That’s a nice treat, I am not sure it is for the dog but it is going to make someone very happy!”

Yet another responded, “That’s a decent-sized treat. Surprised it fit in the pocket!”

The video has received more than 205,000 views in recent days.

And the now famous masterpiece?

Czinner told it’s currently hanging proudly on display on the family’s fridge.

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