There are a lot of challenges married couples face. They must juggle schedules, equitably divide childcare and household tasks, pay bills, make time for each other, communicate openly, and of course make sure their partners don’t share spoilers from their favorite shows. 

If that last one is a problem for you, Netflix has the solution. This summer, the popular streaming site created a “co-watching contract.” The hilarious marketing move, which Netflix debuted on its Facebook page, gives couples the option to agree to five key terms and conditions. 

In doing so, the contract tackles some of the most common binge-watching offenses. 

Thou Shall Not Fall Asleep

“I WON’T fall asleep” is the first condition in the contract. “I WON’T get distracted by my phone causing the other person to rewind because I missed something” follows and is perfect for those of us who easily fall down the Instagram rabbit hole.

The third term tackles the unforgivable: “I WON’T continue watching a show without the other person present.” 

The remaining terms are, “I WON’T talk whilst the show is on,” and “in the event that I come across a spoiler, I WON’T share it with the other person.”

All reasonable terms, in this attorney’s opinion.

Netflix gives room for the parties to sign and includes itself as witness. The contract does not specify where or how contract disputes should be resolved. Nor does it discuss damages, so couples are free to get creative for resolving their binge-watching offenses. 

Netflix captioned its contract with “when you know, you know” and fans quickly announced their approval of the pledge. Many Netflix devotees stated they would be making their families sign the agreement immediately. 

Others noted the need for the addition of more terms, and of course, several guilty parties tagged their partners in crime. 

In any event, Netflix’s fun little marketing strategy likely just saved a whole bunch of relationships.

Happy binge-watching! 



Candace Alnaji

Candace is a workplace civil rights attorney, writer, and proud mom of three. Her musings on work and parenthood have appeared in numerous places around the web. In 2019, she was named one of Working Mother Magazine's Top Working Mom Bloggers. Candace can be found writing about law, motherhood, and more on her blog as The Mom at Law. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.