I used to think God guided us by opening and closing doors, but now I
know sometimes God wants us to kick doors down. —Bob Goff, Love Does


Once I took a day off of work to attend a job fair. I showed up at the job fair only to discover attendees were supposed to sign-up to meet with perspective employers the day before the job fair started.

Say what? You mean this isn’t a mix and mingle and let me wow you on the day of sort of thing?


I already felt bad about missing work to look for a job (not really, but I did waste two hours in the car).


Yes. I sat outside on a grassy hill and wiped tears away. Seriously, God, I thought changing jobs is what you wanted me to do.


Not completely.Instead of leaving, I scoped out the schedules of the employers I hoped to visit. Then, as soon as I saw potential employers had a free table, I swooped in. I didn’t wait. I acted. Fine, maybe I cut someone off here and there, not the point.I wonder how much we miss because we wait. We wait for better days or more money or a message written in the steam of our bathroom mirror, and do you know what happens when we wait?

Not a darn thing. Nope, life stays exactly the same.

We ponder God’s will. We think and rethink. We fear and fret, but here’s the thing: If we seek God first, it’s hard to go wrong. If we seek God and still don’t find an answer, maybe it’s time to kick the door down (or in my case, cut off well-dressed and unsuspecting interviewees).

Talk to me. Do you wait for opportunities or do you tend to kick doors down?


Amy Sullivan

Amy writes for both print and online publications. She is currently writing a non-fiction book about practical ways for families to serve others. Amy spends her mornings teaching sassy, high school students in Western North Carolina, and her afternoons attempting to correct her two daughters’ newly acquired Southern accents. You can find out more about Amy at her site: http://www.amylsullivan1.com/