Our kids need to see what’s manly.

And not in that Thickburger, retreating to the man cave kind of way.

But dependable, gentleman style.

Like finding a broom to sweep up the crumbs without being asked.

And holding the door open for a stranger.

And making it a priority to spend time with his kids.

Because a man steps up and takes interest.

A man humbles himself to serve.

A man understands his responsibility and leads by example.

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A man cares more about integrity than getting ahead.

A man isn’t expected to be perfect.

But he’s not expected to give up easily either.

And that’s what our kids need to see:

His endurance.

And his encouragement.

And his embrace.

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Grateful for the husbands, fathers, sons, uncles, brothers, teachers, friends who are modeling what it looks like to be a hero in their stories.

Thank you for being the kind of men our kids need to see.

This post originally appeared on Mommys15Minutes by Jaclyn Warren

Jaclyn Warren

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