This man worked a 13 hour day in 90-degree weather and walked through the door and asked, “I’m home, what can I do to help you?” Yet, these are words I hear from him often.

He is not a “unicorn”—men like these exist.

The kind who wash the dishes after you cook.

Who do the yard work because he knows you hate it.

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Who works 60+ hour weeks and still comes home and plays with his kids and gives his wife a kiss and asks, “What can I do to help?”

Who gets up some nights to change the baby’s diaper while I get ready for a night feeding.

Who gives the kids baths and puts them down for bed.

Who spends his weekends with his family.

Who cracks a cold one once the kids are down and plays Farkle and rummy with his wife.

Leader of the home, equal partner with his wife, provider, protector, and hands-on father—I’m so glad I married this man and that he also acknowledges my hard work at home with two kids, nursing, cooking, and cleaning.

We take care of each other, it’s 50/50, and we are raising our boys to be men just like their father.

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I see so many women cry and complain that their partner doesn’t help with the kids, bills, housework, give them any attention, etc., and my heart breaks when I hear, “Oh that’s men,” or, “I just deal with it and suffer.” Ladies, that isn’t a man, make him do better or find better!

If you got a good one who treats you like a queen then treat him like the king he is.

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