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Every day we wake up in this brand new year, it’s been a mixed bag. Never really knowing what we are going to get, and if we should look up instead of left and right before crossing the street. While we’ve become accustomed to bracing ourselves for the bad, we must continue to look for the good.

Today’s good comes from a high school principal in South Carolina. 

Henry Darby is a principal at North Charleston High School. Oftentimes, teachers view their students as their own children, and Mr. Darby seems no different. He noticed a need within his student body and took it upon himself to create a solution. After noticing several students needing financial assistance, Mr. Darby went to work, both figuratively and literally. 

He explained to WCIV-TV: “A couple of years ago, I had two students, who were females, sleeping under the bridge. There was another situation where a former student of mine and her daughter were sleeping in their car, and another situation where a former student needed funds for their light and water bills.”

Darby couldn’t sit this one out, so he took on a part-time job, donning a blue vest working at Walmart three nights a week stocking shelves. 

On his first night of work, he was recognized by one of his students, but that didn’t slow him down. He donates the extra income he makes from his side job to his students. 

Children need to know the adults in their life will always be there for them, and sometimes the only consistent adult is a teacher, or in this case a principal, who is willing to do whatever it takes to help his students succeed. Thanks to Principal Darby’s kind heart, he has inspired many more to contribute, which has led to over $100,000 from all corners of the country being donated to the school. Even Walmart donated $50,000 to assist the school with helping the children of North Charleston High School. 

If this doesn’t make your heart all warm and fuzzy, I don’t know what will. Every student deserves a Principal Darby.

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Jacalyn Wetzel

Jacalyn is a mother of four, and the creator of the blog Stop Yelling Please. She writes about motherhood in a way that most can relate. Jacalyn’s passion is parenting and relating to parents who may be struggling with the day to day. She’s a speaker, author and Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

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