If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my adult life, it’s that people have Big Feelings (capitalization required) about fast food. 

Which establishment serves the best fries? What sauces are non-negotiable? Where do you chance the drive-thru when you’re short on time and even shorter on patience from the backseat? Why is Chick-fil-A the undisputed top choice in all categories?

Given all that, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when McDonald’s made an announcement about the love-it-or-hate-it perennial menu-hopping McRib, Big Feelings flooded the internet. 

McDonald’s posted Monday that it’s bringing back the McRib sandwich for a limited time starting Oct. 31—but the powers that be say it’s returning for the final time. 

Full disclosure: I have never actually eaten a McRib. I don’t really understand the appeal of a rib-shaped meat-like patty on a sesame seed bun slathered in BBQ sauce, slivered onions, and pickle chips, but to each his own. The thing was, apparently, concocted by an executive chef from Luxembourg back in the ’80s, so there’s that. My own son would probably agree to walk over burning coals to get himself one—and he wouldn’t make the journey alone. 

There’s an entire reddit page dedicated to the hoagie. The hashtag #mcrib was quickly trending on Twitter. The interns behind the McDonald’s social media pages immediately started firing off replies to fans. 

The silver lining here for McRib fans is this isn’t the first time the Golden Arches has pronounced the sandwich finito.

McDonald’s launched a farewell campaign in 2005, followed by a petition to save the McRib, followed by another announcement of a second farewell campaign in 2006. The following year, it—surprise!—reappeared on the menu . . . as part of a farewell tour. 

The McRib has had an on-again, off-again status on the menu since 2006, and clearly, if the sandwich had a Facebook profile, you can bet its relationship status would be “It’s complicated.” No matter though—anytime the McRib appears on the menu, it sells. 

It all almost makes a person believe this farewell tour might not last (hey, KISS, we’re looking at you . . .) but c’est la vie. 

There’s really only one question left to ask McDonald’s: can I get that McRib in a Halloween Boo Bucket next Monday? 

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