Written by Sanae Shea

Watching what you eat can be tricky. It’s actually almost impossible for this self proclaimed junk food junkie. I’ve been in a rut for a few months and I can’t seem to get back on track. I know from experience that when I use My Fitness Pal to track my food, I am so good. But when I stop, I am oh so bad. And I just can’t seem to get myself on the right side of the tracks lately. So I’ve decided to focus on baby steps.


Although I love many of the sauces from Tijuana Flats (Tex-Mex restaurant chain originating in Florida), my favorite is their Sweet Chili Hot Sauce called “Smack My Sweet Ass and Call Me Sally”. It is classified in their “Sissy Sauces” category but I think it has the perfect kick of heat and sweet. At just 10 (yes, you read that correctly) calories and no fat per serving, I can save hundreds of calories a week by simply replacing my regular calorie heavy condiments like ranch and ketchup with this tasty chili sauce. I use it as a salad dressing and veggie dipper. Or I top grilled chicken breast, add it to meatloaf or pour it over pre-cooked meatballs. The possibilities are endless. It’s only $5.95 per bottle so I order several at a time to make sure I’m always stocked. And if you happen to have a friend named Sally, this makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift! 🙂 Be sure to click on that link…the website is fun and creative!



Do you have any tricks to save calories? If so, I’d love to hear about them.

Sanae Shea

Sanae Shea is a girly girl living in a house full of men…1 husband, 3 sons and new puppy named Ted. When she’s not busy with her boys, you’ll find her teaching Zumba Fitness classes at several locations throughout Kearney. She is also a skin care consultant for RX Skin Therapy at USave Pharmacy in Kearney. Learn more about Sanae at www.zumbawithsanae.com.