This week, her husband was featured on a highlight reel and a major news channel, as well as contacted by the NBA, MLS, and America’s Got Talent.  His performance has been viewed millions and millions of times. There are hundreds of emails to answer, and countless orders to fill. Not many days ago, however, she was unsure of where her family would be living in a month.

Her name is Beth, and this is about “her view” as her husband’s talent went viral. To be honest, she has been in a low place, a hole of despair. And in this place, she has cried out for help from the Lord not only for rescue, but also that she would see what the Lord wanted to show her while she was stuck in this pit.

She almost didn’t share it, but ten long days ago she posted on Facebook:

She Put Her Faith In God And This Miracle Happened 10 Days Later

“So this is me for the next few weeks. Headaches from stress and no sleep, hot and sweaty from running to one place to another, packing fast and living on caffeine. Only Jesus can save me now and I need a whole lot of Him and grace right now!!!
The house we are renting went on the market on Wednesday morning. Not even 24 hrs later we were given our 30 day notice and the house closed this morning. So now I’m gathering boxes, praying for a miracle for an opening at the apartments we want, and losing my mind. Funds are tight, and my flesh is saying “this is the worst timing ever!” But God has a plan and will take care of us. I just need to rely on that. Oh it’s so hard to do right now.” (emphasis mine)

See, the house that they have rented for the past 5 years was an ideal situation, and an answer to prayer. They were renting from a elderly couple who wanted to bless their small but growing family, and gave them rent at a super affordable price. And a blessing it was! One that they appreciated immensely. Then, earlier this year, the husband of the landlord’s couple passed away, and the wife did not want the responsibilities of keeping up with a rental property. They knew they needed to start looking for another place to rent, but they felt that their hands were tied financially. They didn’t believe they could find rent that would fit within their current financial situation.

Her post on social media was met with an outpouring of love and support, and it truly helped her get through the next several days as she waited to learn the outcome of their housing situation. In that moment before hitting the “post” button, she began to question herself. Was she just being overly dramatic? Did she really need to share this personal information with the world? But she felt challenged to be vulnerable and honest with others about the struggle she was in. And because she was honest with her struggle, her rejoicing is even sweeter. More people than she has even realized have rejoiced with her and have been encouraged because of her willingness to be transparent.

As the wife of a starving artist, she has had to learn how to be even more frugal with their finances. She questions each purchase, asking if it is truly necessary to spend money on. It has been a challenge, but it is not her biggest challenge.

Her biggest challenge has been to not discourage her husband over the past few months. The art world, like all businesses, has its ups and downs throughout the year. This past year, the low hit them really hard, leaving her husband frustrated and discouraged. He began questioning himself, wondering if this was what he was suppose to be doing. She also has had to fight feeling judged by others, feeling that they are thinking he needs to provide for their family and go get a traditional job. She knows that he doesn’t want to come home and hear her nag that she doesn’t have enough money. She doesn’t want to complain. She appreciates that her husband is a hard worker who is determined and passionate. She understands that as an entrepreneurial artist, they have to learn to live project to project. So she silences those voices of doubt in her own mind.

As her husband was struggling with his discouragement, she also reached a point of brokenness. She was calling out to God, asking for help to know what to do. Now, she can look back and see all of the times God has provided for her. Instances when strangers in the grocery gave her money when she was short, friends giving her gift cards, money in her purse that she didn’t remember putting there. She began to turn to God as her Savior instead of turning to her husband. She looked to God for her provision, and He has been faithful. She was leaning on God, which allowed her the freedom to support her husband. Now she stands in awe of the events that have transpired.

It can be tempting to hide away, and let pride keep us from reaching out to others and accepting help. It can be tempting to let those voices in our heads make us afraid of what other may or may not be thinking. But Beth did not hide, although she wanted to (and still may want to). Beth is on an incredible journey of trusting her Savior, and that is an exciting place to be.

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Rachael Smith

I am a follower of Christ, wife of 16 years, and mom to 3 children. Pretty much I try to fit in all that I need and want to do, and somehow stay sane through it all. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't. I cry out for help often on my blog,, where I share encouragement and practical advice for balancing all that we want and need to do.