Foster care and adoption are sort of my thing. I follow, approximately, every single foster care and adoption page on the internet. So when a foster or adoption story goes viral, I see it over and over again.

Once it was the story of a foster mom who broke down when she found her foster son’s toothbrush. We all cried over that one. Another time it was the ten year old boy who pleaded with a church congregation for someone to, please, adopt him. “I’ll adopt you!” I cried, along with every other mother who watched. This week it was the story of five siblings’ plea to be adopted together.

Apparently it all started when someone from the state placed a “family wanted” ad in the local “Kansas City Star.” The story shared the desire of five children to be adopted together, along with short descriptions of their interests and personalities and a photo of their precious faces. The ad went viral. Millions of people read and shared it. Thousands of people reached out with interest in adopting them.

These kids live in Kansas City. But, actually, they live in your town.

“They” may be these five siblings, aged 2 to 11, who like music and animals and the outdoors. Or “they” may be two toddlers who’ve shared a room and toys and sippy cups their whole lives. Or “they” may be a baby boy and his teenage brother, who’s been his primary caretaker for as long as his mom has been using. Or “they” may be twin preemie sisters who shared a womb for six months and a NICU room for four more. But they do, in fact, live right there in your town, wherever you may be.

And tonight, or some other night this week, a social worker called every name on his list trying to find a home for them to be together. Chances are, it wasn’t found. Chances are, siblings–brothers and sisters–were separated. In fact, all of the children listed above actually do live in my town and actually were separated.

Our hearts are tugged when we read real stories and see real pictures of real children in need. But, friends, whether their faces are spread across the internet or not, they exist. They may be faceless and voiceless and easily ignored, but they are very real. In your town, there are precious children who are going to bed tonight afraid or hungry or or hurting or alone. In your town, there are children who need a home and a family, children who need you.

Chances are, you won’t be bringing these five Kansas City siblings into your home. But if they sparked something in your heart, there are other children, just as precious, in just as much need, and they live in your town.

Visit to see the faces and read the stories of the precious children who are waiting for homes and families.

Jamie C

Jamie is a bio mom to two kiddos, foster/”definitely-for- now-maybe- forever”/pre-adoptive mom to two littles, and short-term foster mom to whichever baby needs a home this week. The 4+ kids in and out of her home make for some light-heart musings and some heavier broodings on her blog and as a contributor for the Huffington Post.