To my husband and father of girls,

I know you don’t have a son to carry on your family name, but your children will pass along something even more powerful. You are sharing something to last even more generations.

From you, our girls are inheriting your generosity.

They are inheriting your servant-heart.

They are inheriting your dedication.

They are inheriting your submission to God.

They are inheriting your compassion.

To them, you are passing along your strength.

You are passing along your empathy.

You are passing along your reverence of God.

You are passing along your legacy, and the power of that is much stronger than your name.

Your girls adore you.

They watch everything you do, and they want to be a part of everything that’s important to you.

They see you.

They see how you love, respond, and give, and they imitate that.

From you, they learn how to treat others. They learn how to care and serve when others need them. They know how to stand up for truth and justice. They know how to follow after God with every part of their being.

They have learned this from you, and how blessed am I to watch God use a mighty man to speak to the tender hearts of little girls.

You are doing an amazing job! Thank you for your fierce love and guiding presence in your daughters’ lives.

Your wife

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Tynea Lewis

Tynea Lewis is a teacher turned work-from-home mom. She and her husband are raising two little girls, and they love spending time together at a family cabin in Pennsylvania. Tynea remembers loving to write as early as first grade, and now God uses her passion for writing to encourage other women.