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Sometimes it’s the little things that can turn out to be the biggest things. Motherhood has made me appreciate the everyday moments, the simple moments, differently. 

Being outdoors with my boys can be simple in theory, but I absolutely love the adventures we take. Whether we are hiking, biking, swimming, exploring, or checking out a new park, this momma knows it is time well spent. 

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Because whether they realize it or not, these memories being made are the special ones. The ones my boys will carry with them in their hearts. The types of memories that maybe one day they will pass along to their own children. 

These are the simple moments that have the power to shape us. 

Bike rides to the neighborhood park. 

Hiking a favorite path and noticing deer in the distance. 

Feeling little minnows nibble little toes. 

Jumping in a pile of multi-colored leaves

Making snow angels after the first snow. 

Simple yet profound.

Moments I cherish experiencing with my children.

Moments that continue to bring them joy year after year while bringing me my own joy simply by watching them. 

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I hope my boys always want to go on bike rides with me. I hope they always want to include me in not only the big moments but the small ones too. 

If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t have taken the simple moments of my own childhood for granted. I would tell my younger self to take it all in because it goes so fast. 

But I can’t go back in time, all I can do is make these special moments happen for my own boys. They will continue to make memories and have fun, and I will continue to hold on tighter to the moments that become memories, knowing in my heart that these little moments will one day be the big ones.

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Casey Sorensen

I'm a SAHM of two wonderful boys. I enjoy writing, organizing, and encouraging people, especially fellow moms. I'm a lover of Jesus, running and sending cards via snail mail. It is my desire for all moms to know they are worthy, seen, loved, and not alone. Feel free to follow my writing journey @words.with.casey.

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