My two girls.

Oh, how I love having two daughters.

I love seeing your sisterhood unfold right before my eyes.

Two sweet girls to grow up together and have one another.

I see that raw deep love you share for each otherit carries through even on the toughest days.

There are days when you are best friends and then there are days you are each other’s fiercest competitors. You challenge each other daily.

You know each other so well, you know what makes the other laugh and you certainly know what makes each other angry.

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Sometimes you amaze me by what you are willing to do for one another.

You are both so different but in some ways very much the same. You are both such gems.

I pray your relationship always stays strong.

I hope you will be not only sisters but lifelong best friends.

I want you to be there for each other, be honest with each other, and be able to talk about anything.

I pray you protect and stand up for each other. Be each other’s biggest supporters.

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I hope you laugh over childhood memories and cherish your time together as girls growing up.

I hope when things are hard, you can turn to each other and find comfort. I pray you will share your love of God and keep each other on the narrow path.

I hope when it feels like no one understands, you can call your sister and she will know just what you mean.

I hope you never feel alone because you have each other.

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I pray you realize what a gift has been given to you in your sister, and you always treat each other as the treasure you both are.  

Be good to your sister, take care of each other, sweet ones . . . this is what your mama prays.

Jennifer Toscano

I am a wife, mother to two beautiful daughters and a follower of Jesus. I recently started my blog as a way to document my journey in faith and to share God's great love with others. I also love to cook, read and do graphic design. You can find me on Facebook: and on my website: writing about faith, hope and motherhood.