October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Although there are many mamas who have been impacted by breast cancer, there are a lot of mamas who have been impacted by other types of cancer as well. During the month of October, spend time praying for ALL the mamas with cancer.

Pray for the mama who was just diagnosed.

The mama who just heard the words, “You have cancer.” Suddenly, there are so many thoughts circulating through a mama’s mind. What will treatment be like? How long will I be alive for my kids? Will I be able to take care of my kids through treatment? What will happen to my family financially? Pray for this mama to find peace.

Pray for the mama who does not have a support system.

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When facing a cancer diagnosis, community and support is everything. Cancer patients need help financially, with meals, with rides to treatment, and with childcare. But for some mamas this is not possible. Whether it is because they don’t have family around or they don’t speak to their family for various reasons. Pray for this mama to find community.

Pray for the mama going through treatment.

Cancer treatment is a marathon, not a sprint. It can last for months or even years. Many women go through chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. All of this is very exhausting! This makes it hard to take care of yourself, let alone the other people in your family. It also makes it hard to have enough energy to play with and love on your children. Pray for the mama who is feeling guilty because of this.

Pray for the mama facing treatment alone.

Due to COVID-19, most cancer patients are facing everything alone. They are going to appointments alone. They are listening to the doctor talk about their future without a hand to hold. They are going to treatment alone. They are spending hours at chemotherapy and immunotherapy infusions without someone to keep them company. They are facing hospital stays without visitors. There are mamas out there who are spending days away from their families. Cancer patients are forced to isolate away from the people they love to stay healthy for treatment. Pray for the mama who is feeling alone.

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Pray for the mama who is struggling with mental health.

A cancer diagnosis can cause anxiety and depression. There are so many life-changing decisions to be made. There is so much stress that comes along with it. Pray for this Mama to find calmness and happiness through the storm.

Pray for the mama who is facing an incurable diagnosis.

There are mamas out there who have heard the unthinkable. They have been told they will live with cancer for the rest of their life and their life will likely be shortened because of it. They are facing aggressive treatment and wondering if it will even work. If it is even worth it. They are fighting with everything in them. Pray for the mama who just wants to be here to watch her babies go to kindergarten, graduate high school, or get married.

Pray for the mama who is in Heaven.

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The mama who went home to be with Jesus but left her grieving family behind. Her family is left with a hole in their hearts. Her husband and children miss her presence and wish cancer would not have taken her. Her husband is adjusting to life without her as he navigates raising their children by himself. Pray for the kids who miss their mama and the husband who misses his wife.

This October, pray for the mama with cancer.

Ashley Mays

Ashley Mays lives in Kansas City, MO with her husband and two sons. When her youngest son was only nine weeks old she found out she had breast cancer. She is currently completing treatment while balancing wife and mom life. She blogs about her experience with cancer and parenting at https://babiesandbreastcancer.blogspot.com/. You can also find her on Facebook at Babies and Breast Cancer or instagram at @babiesandbreastcancer.