“It looks like you all had so much fun at the lake!” My grandma exclaimed over the phone last evening.

I smiled and pictured her sitting on her couch watching the digital frame on the coffee table. She always called just as soon as I emailed photos over, and I knew it made her day each time something new appeared. 

The thing is, Grandma lives for her family. She keeps a running tab of what every kid, grandkid, and great-grandkid has going on. She listens intently when we tell her stories, and she asks questions to make sure she isn’t missing out on any details.

But at 87, she doesn’t get out like she used to. She’s increasingly sensitive to weather extremes, she gets tired more easily, and now—well, #2020. It’s hard for her not getting to be as involved as she once was, and that breaks our hearts.

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When Grandma mentioned she was feeling lonely earlier this year, we were desperate to do something to help her feel more included even from the sidelines. When we settled on giving her a Skylight photo frame we thought it would help, but we couldn’t even begin to imagine the joy it has brought her.

On any given day, she gets to not only hear but see what her family all over the country is up to, and the smile on her face when she shows us the new additions to her frame gets me teary-eyed every single time. 

To be able to send her videos of the kids singing in the tub.

To be able to share photos of the kids harvesting zucchini from our garden, or playing at the park, or sleeping sweetly on the couch.

To be able to share snippets of our lives with her in a way a simple phone call could never do . . .

It means everything. 

Grandma has given us all so much—what a blessing to know that now we can give her a little extra joy in every day. 

P.S. There are lots of options out there for digital photo frames, but we happen to love this one! 

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