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“Slow down, Mama,” you seem to say.

It doesn’t all have to be go, go, go.

Take a breath,

Have a breather.

Just pause for a minute

And stop for a second.

Why are you rushing on by?

You don’t really have to go so fast, do you?

Can’t the washing wait a little?

The dishes don’t matter too much, and our toys aren’t going anywhere for a long while yet.

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Sit with us and play. Giggle, laugh, and be silly.

Let’s dance to this song and bounce on the bed.

Don’t worry too much.

We’re going to be late no matter how much you try to get us out the door on time.

Sit with us when we’re tired and sleepy and don’t want to move.

If we don’t have to, then neither should you.

Take a moment and cuddle up with us or even just sit close by.

Because knowing you’re near is comfort enough, and we won’t need it for very longjust while we’re finding our places.

But reaching out and knowing you’re there, mama, it’s just what we need.

Besides, you could do with a break too.

Life is so busy. We’re all often running on by.

We forget sometimes . . . 

To stop.

Take a breath.

Have a breather.

Pause for a minute.

And stop for a second.

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Our babies made me do it. They slowed me down and made me see things differently, both of them and their daddy a little bit too.

I’m trying not to be as bothered as I used to be about rushing around. I’m trying to look at the world the way they would and do.

Keep your cool, run around, explore, stare with wonder, inspect something new.

Chase, flop, chill, be loud and quiet—all at the same time.

See the magic that’s still left in the world.

Try not to take things too seriously. Ignore the fools, embrace the chaos, and just live a little less stressed than before.

Slow it down, mama.

It will all be fine.

Slow it down, even a little.

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Gemma West

My name is Gemma West. I'm 28 and happily married with two young children, 3 and 1.5 years old, and a crazy Labrador called Brian. My family is my life and although I've been writing for some time, poetry is a newer avenue for me, but I'm finding I love it as a way to record my motherhood journey. Find me on Facebook and Instagram under Gemma West, Writer.

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